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Manage ...Not Medicate

What is ADHD?  Is It A Gift To Be Managed?

Find out more about what ADHD is and how to manage the gift by joining with others who are on the same journey.

What is ADHD? I believe it is a gift.


If you’ve had difficulty managing your ADD-ADHD or have faced criticism from parents, teachers, friends, business associates or anyone else for perceived laziness and bad behavior, you will learn strategies to turn problematic personal relationships and career misfortunes into effective, fulfilling experiences and success.


Join the movement to Manage ...Not Medicate™ the Gift of ADD/ADHD! The stakes are high for all of us when it comes to finding our own path in life.  For those living with ADD/ADHD, harnessing creativity, increasing productivity and living to your full potential are sadly often achieved through medical treatments. It does not need to be this way!


Being different should not be a bad thing.  Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison were both different and look at the success they had!  They were both thought to have had ADD/ADHD; however, there were no medications at the time to dull their senses and to keep them from reaching their full potential.


Having ADD/ADHD is a true gift, especially if you know how to control it.  The key to becoming successful lies in your hands and, as I told you before, it is only a matter of choice and this is left in your hands. So, what do you want to be: average or stunning? Manage ...Not Medicate™!


“You have helped our child get off the medication that he hated taking and we hated to have him on. You helped this child move from a child the teachers complained about with a C-average to a child that the teachers are now saying is a model student and who is on the honor role. We thank you from the bottom and top of our hearts…”

~ J.A. of Lanexa, VA.

"Dr. Emery offers parents hope and keen insight of what A.D.D. is and how to deal with it. He boldly breaks from traditional psychology by avoiding quick fix medications and child labeling. Dr. Emery views A.D.D. from a full life perspective that reveals positive attributes and constructive treatment."

~ Dr. Robert V. Gerard, Author and Self-            Empowered Psychologist

"His practical common sense, combined with his uncanny gift for seeing the 'truth' of the situation (all finished off with a wicked sense of humour) put him in an unrivaled class when it comes to both personal and business development."

~ Olivia Stefanino, International Speaker & Author of "Be Your Own Guru"

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