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ADHD Family Services

Dr. Kevin's ADD/HD Family Coaching


If you recognize your child as gifted instead of disabled, and you are not interested in making it easy on everyone else through drugging them, then this is the service for you. As an ADHD individual, who has had a private practice helping families, couples and businesses for almost 25 years and specializing in ADD/HD for the last 15, I can help you unlock, utilize, and actualize both you and your child’s gifts.


Step One: Inquiry. Dr. Kevin will chat with parents via phone or Skype prior to arrival, and the questionnaire will get filled out prior to visit:


Step Two: One Day. In a one day, Dr. Kevin comes into your home and works with either the adult or the child with ADD/HD. At the end of that time, you will have a better understanding of how you or your child functions in the world through their ADHD lens. You will get tools, tips & techniques to help with all aspects of their life. The day starts at 8 AM and ends at 7 PM. Dr. Kevin will eat meals and actually participate in the person’s life. If you are an adult, Dr. Kevin will, if permissible, spend time with you in the work place.  If not, then it will be scheduled on a non-working day, depending on where the focus best suits the client. For a child, Dr. Kevin can either shadow the child in their day at school (arrangements with school must be made by parents) and finish the assessment at home, or it can all be done at home.


Step Three: Follow-up. After the actual time together is finished, the parents will receive a written document of suggestions and reminders as well.


Base Cost = $2500 (plus travel expenses)


Additional people with ADHD  = +$500/person


Follow-up support:  6 month access.



  • 1st month = 1 hour per week

  • 2nd month = 45 minutes once per week

  • 3rd, 4th, 5th month = 45 minutes twice a month

  • 6th month = Two 1 hour sessions – one at the month’s beginning and one at month’s end.


Unlimited emails on one issue per month.


$3̶,̶1̶5̶0̶    $2,750 (getting two of the calls plus emails free)


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