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Services for ADHD Single Adults

ADD/HD: Single and Hating It!


If your ADD-ADHD has caused you problems with either getting into or maintaining an intimate relationship, but you would really like to be in one, then this weekend is for you. This weekend starts with a one on one call/Skype with Dr. Kevin, and a questionnaire you need to fill out before you get there. You will join other ADD/HD singles on Friday night, and we will have time scheduled during the weekend for both activities and sessions to help sharpen your relationship skills. The goals of the weekend are to get new tools, develop skills, have fun and make new friends.  Leave Sunday and go back into the world closer to getting and maintaining a healthy relationship. The work we do comes from my experiences as an ADD/HD individual who has been both happily single and in long-term relationships. Furthermore, I have almost 25 years of helping couples, with the last 15 placing an emphasis on ADD/ADHD couples.


Base Cost: $995 (your travel not included)


There is a follow-up package available if you feel that some one-on-one help and support might be in order.


Follow-up support:  6 month access.



  • 1st month = 1 hour per week

  • 2nd month = 45 minutes. 1 per week

  • 3rd, 4th, 5th month = 45 minutes twice a month

  • 6th month = Two 1 hour sessions – one at the month’s beginning and one at month’s end.


Unlimited emails on one issue per month.


$$̶3̶,̶1̶5̶0̶   $2,750 (getting two of the calls plus emails free)


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