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ADHD Potential

Claiming Your Potential: ADHD Style!


Do you know that within you lies great ideas, abilities, and talents? Are you ready to bring them to the world, but don’t know how?


ADHD’ers were the architects of the 20th Century and are continuing into the 21st. If you are ADD or ADHD, your birthright puts you in the camp as Einstein, Edison, & Ford.  How about Michael Phelps, Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, or Warren Buffet? The difference between you and them is they found their ADHD sweet spot, their passion, and either the right people for support, or simply how to support themselves.  They didn’t see themselves as disabled, they didn’t need medications, they just needed to unlock their greatness. Spend twice a month with me for 12 months, and if your life is not functioning better, putting you more on the path of actualizing your potential, YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK*. Now this means you showed up and did the work. Once a month you will be part of a group call where we will be tackling issues. The second call a month is one-on-one time where you get to apply and work with what you are learning.


The investment? $1,000 the first month, which includes a one-on-one intake session and $500 a month for the next 11 months. Or pay upfront $4,997.00 and you save over $1500.00.


* You must attend all 24 sessions, as well as submit your homework to qualify for refund.  Also there will be an evaluation that will be done before you start, when you’re finished, as well as monthly, to ensure you are getting what you need and doing what you need.  Not participating in the evaluations negates any refund.


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