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Services for ADHD Businesses

ADD/HD Synergy Business Consulting


Some of the most successful business people, artists, scientists and inventors have been gifted (and at times cursed) with ADD/HD. With the right structure, insights, training and education, you wildly increase your likelihood to be among them. As both an ADHD business owner and someone who has worked with ADHD individuals and businesses for over 15 years, I do not try to make you fit into the traditional ways of doing things. I try to help you create the traditions that will bring you to your goals.


Step One: Initiation. An initial two-hour meeting with the owner, in person or by phone, to establish concerns, goals, obstacles and other insights. Key players have a tailored questionnaire sent to them.


Step Two: Assessment. A day is spent, on location, doing observations, interviews and follow-ups. In that one day, Dr. Kevin will begin your day with you, spend time in your business, as well as in your life. We look to start 8 AM and go to 9 PM. The goal is to give a multitude of tips, tools, techniques and insights, both for the ADD/HD business owner, and the key players in that person’s life; including spouses, business partners, or assistants.


Step Three: Execution. In 10-15 business days, a written document is provided to the business owner with a follow-up call 5-7 business days later to discuss findings and action plans.


Base Cost = $5000


If it is a family business, Dr. Kevin also brings into play the personal business relationships involved as well. He also does a meeting with each of the key family members in the business. This service is $6000.00 for up to four family/key player members.


If there are additional ADHD people who are key players, there is $500 per person up-charge. Dr. Kevin will meet with each of them prior to the day, and they will also get written feedback.


Once you have gone through this process, you can also get the follow-up plan.


Follow-up support:  6 month access.



  • 1st month = 1 hour per week

  • 2nd month = 45 minutes once per week

  • 3rd, 4th, 5th month = 45 minutes twice a month

  • 6th month = Two 1 hour sessions – one at the month’s beginning and one at month’s end


Unlimited emails on one issue per month.


$̶6̶,̶5̶0̶0̶    $4,997 (getting six of the calls plus emails free)


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