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Mentorship for ADHD

Mentorship with Meaning Program


You feel like your life is a revolving door of things that are not quite right or don’t quite come together. Traditional therapy hasn’t worked for you, you’re not interested in labels, medications or trying to be normal. You just want to be you. For almost 25 years, my alternative based practice has healed individuals in all the areas of their life that they were ready to work on. How is that possible? My own ADD/HD led me from times in the arts, the business world, consulting and through the pathways of Eastern and Western Philosophies. My first degree is in traditional business management and psychology, and my advanced degree is in non-traditional, Divinity, the nature of the spirit of man (not religion).  I have helped multi-million dollar companies do better, multi-millionaires live better, and got and kept kids off of unnecessary medications. I have helped couples get together, stay together or lovingly go their own ways. I worked for American Express, Dartmouth College and Sheraton (among others.)  I also worked as an intuitive and an energy healer. It’s a matter of discovering, owning and thriving as your true self in all areas of your life and world.


We start this process with a one-hour session and paperwork that I need you complete before step two. Step Two is either: a one day intensive where we discover and create the road map for helping you, or us doing three to four sessions very close together (within a week) via phone or Skype. You dump it all out, I sort it all out, and then we go through the process together of figuring it all out. Step Three: We meet twice a month for 45 minutes of intensive work, and you get to email me as much as you need to about whatever we are currently working on. Step Four: A two-hour wrap-up session.


The cost includes: the intro session, the one-day, the 10 sessions and the two-hour wrap up session, you flying to me or you fly me in for the one-day (I have found that working within someone’s space helps facilitate the process, at least the first time.) and my expenses if you fly me in.


$7,500 (if each session were purchased separately, this would cost over $8,000).  You can start the process with a $5,000 downpayment and five payments of $500.00 or pay it all up front with a single payment of $6,000 for a $1,500 discount.


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