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ADD ADHD: Disability or Gift?

Everyone knows ADD-ADHD has been named the condition of the century, and while most look at it as either a condition or a curse, it is actually a real gift. In the beginning, children and parents can be very frustrated however, with the right approach and management, you can help your child turn not only into a very successful person, but into a real advantage for the whole world.


There are plenty of people who suffer from ADD-ADHD and have refused medication. If you have not figured it out until now, medication is a major restriction for people who have ADD-ADHD. Medication can lead to disastrous things and if you have ADD-ADHD or if you have a child with ADD-ADHD, you should look at your options. Medications will render your child manageable; however, these medications often times take away the very abilities that make your child the bright, energetic, active, and very intelligent child he or she may be. There are many cases of very successful people who have managed their ADD-ADHD without medication to become truly successful people.


Dr. Kevin has been counseling people, and writing about ADD-ADHD for more than a decade. What he has determined is ADD-ADHD is not a disability but rather a gift of the evolutionary process.


You can find out more about Dr. Kevin’s position on ADD-ADHD right here. You can click to join the community of individuals who manage the gift instead of medicate the disability. You can purchase books and media to learn more about it. You can also find out more about Dr. Kevin himself–and yes, Dr. Kevin has the gift of ADD-ADHD.


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